DCS Gough

David Gough was one of the most prominent paediatric urologists in the United Kingdom.  He created the modern structure of the Manchester paediatric urology unit together with his colleague Alan Dickson. In 1999 he was commissioned to provide the treatment of exstrophy in one of the two units in the United Kingdom.  He was a superb surgeon who was able to deal confidently with the major paediatric urology and paediatric surgical reconstructions.  He was an excellent teacher and for years he led the paediatric surgical training programme in Manchester.  He was nationally and internationally appreciated for his amazing lecturing skills and he was one of the founders of the British Association of Paediatric Urologists and European Society of Pediatric Urology.  He was also one of the founders of the Journal of Paediatric Urology.  He was married to Elizabeth and had three beautiful children.

He prematurely died after a short illness on the 29 March 2005.

He is remembered by his colleagues and friends on a daily basis and after 10 years of his death he is still greatly missed.